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Exercise 1

Remove the discomfort caused by excessive stress is possible just by pressing certain areas of your hand. Here we show you how acupressure reduces stress. Relax naturally with your own hands with these recommendations on how acupressure reduces stress. Learn how acupressure reduces stress. Read More

Impact directly on the cells!

Know the benefits of massage for your health. Science has proven the benefits of massage, discover them. By enjoying the benefits of massage you will have better physical and mental health. Read More

Healthy habits reduce cancer risk

Having a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition is essential for all human beings; However, these habits could help prevent up to 2.8 million cancer cases per year, said the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF), which also urged governments to avoid a public health disaster. Read More

Salt consumption creates addiction

Cocaine is a very powerful drug, capable of significantly altering the psychophysiological state of those who consume it. Its ability to decrease hunger and fatigue and stimulate muscle activity has been widely recognized. Read More

With thumbs and indexes

Do not you know what to do to fade orange peel? In addition to exercising and eating a healthy diet, you can get these 5 effective homemade massages, which stimulate your blood circulation, activate lymphatic drainage and help prevent fluid retention. Check out how to do them and remember that perseverance is the key. With thumbs and indexes Read More

Juice to cleanse the colon and lose weight

Who does not live with stress? We all live it and some of us can suffer nervous collisions, gastritis and other diseases. So that this does not happen to you, nutritionist Luz MarĂ­a Canseco suggests you prepare this juice to cleanse the colon, which will prevent you from getting inflamed and also, it will speed up your metabolism, which in the short term will positively impact your weight loss. You need: Read More


The accumulation of stress, worries and tensions affect our physical and mental health. For this there are natural therapies that have a relaxing and rewarding effect. Read More

The copal

The smell of copal, the flower of cempasĂșchil and the fruits can make you feel more relaxed, so take advantage of this season to have your own aromatherapy session from your home. Read More

Cases in which it applies:

It is a therapeutic alternative, in which the dogs play a crucial role throughout the process, through a close bond between the patient and the companion animal. To carry it out, you must have a clear objective of the intervention and it is essential that the animal is in optimal physical and behavioral health. Read More

Other benefits of tequila for health:

Tequila is not only delicious but it has great health benefits and one of them is to prevent osteoporosis. Researchers at the Center for Research and Advanced Studies, National Polytechnic Institute, say that the blue agave tequila promotes the absorption of calcium and magnesium, vital to have healthy and strong bones. Read More

10 benefits of Reiki

Reiki is an alternative therapy that relieves physical pain. In this technique the person is considered globally in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, so that, not only is directed to suppress the pathology, but also to recover the natural state of balance that produces well-being and happiness. Therefore, we present 10 advantages of practicing this therapy: 1. Reduce stress; it generates balance and well-being in an integral way. Read More

Detoxify naturally!

Discover the benefits of lymphatic drainage for your health. Discover some benefits of lymphatic drainage for your health and relax to the fullest while detoxifying your body. Do you know the benefits of lymphatic drainage for your health? Read More

10 benefits of breathing fresh air

Bubble Pure Air is the first mobile space that allows to breathe pure air in 99.99% in continuous regeneration and free of polluting particles, viral, bacteriological and allergenic agents. Read More

Ayurvedic advice to have a good day

There are Ayurvedic tips to have a good day. If you change your habits you will improve your health and you will have a higher level of physical and mental well-being in a natural way. What are you waiting for? Eliminate stress with these ayurvedic tips to have a good day. Read More

4 reasons to embrace

A hug is of vital importance for the human being, because it can cure any disease and improve emotional well-being. In addition, it is a way of expressing feelings beyond words. Therefore, here we give you four more reasons to embrace your neighbor: Read More

4 natural remedies to breathe better

With the change of seasons, to colder times, common respiratory diseases begin to manifest more frequently. Probably the biggest annoyance is not being able to breathe well, so we tried different remedies to achieve it. Read More

5 benefits of sea baths

Do you want to relax, improve your circulation and see yourself more beautiful? A good option is that you consent to a rich bath of sea water, since being rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and sulfur, revitalize the texture of your skin. Read More