5 tips to avoid binge eating due to stress

Food has the ability to relax, decrease the stress and improve the mood, especially after a bad day. Eat carbohydrates like ice cream and french fries represents the quick path to happiness, as they instantly improve the mood of the people, due to the rapid release of serotonin , which is the hormone of happiness.

However, this happiness is short-lived. Overeating produces a series of psychological reactions associated with guilt and a feeling of indolence. In addition, it influences the increase in weight, a factor that undermines the self-esteem of any person. GetQoralHealth gives you 5 tips to avoid these binges.

1. Eat complex carbohydrates: all kinds of carbohydrates stimulates the production of serotonin . However, the complexes keep the sugar levels stable because they are digested slowly. Swap fries for a cup of oatmeal, whole grain or pasta.

2. Chew vegetables: raw vegetables are ideal to decrease the stress , since when chewing them they release the tension of the jaw. Vegetables have a low caloric level, which in addition to relaxing helps you take care of your weight.

3. Include Omega3 in your diet: foods with high levels of Omega 3 such as walnuts, almonds and salmon, control the production of cortisol , hormone of the stress . They protect against disorders like depression and improve brain function.

4. Consume vitamin C: citrus fruits reduce the cortisol and strengthen the immune system . The stress weakens the immune system and makes you easy prey for diseases like flu .

5. Drink tea: the theanine is a amino acid which is found in green tea, and has a reassuring effect, but not sleepy. It also reduces the blood pressure high.

If you had a bad day and are thinking about eating everything that is in your refrigerator. Take it easy! Look for the healthiest option to relax, overeating will only make you feel momentarily happy, and then it can be worse. Prepare a delicious tea and watch your favorite movie!

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