Tampons, a new way to get drunk

A practice that today has become fashionable among young people, 14 and 23 years old, is known as tampons on the rocks or tampax on the rocks, a phenomenon that responds to the fact of not wanting to be discovered by parents in the consumption of alcoholic drinks, both parties and clubs.

According to information published by the excelsior.com.mx , teenagers submerge tampons in your favorite drink, to then administer it via vaginal (for women) and anal (for men).

In this way, young people manage to feel the effects of alcohol , without apparently leaving a trace in the breath .

In the following video of "The Doctors" It shows the process that adolescents perform. In addition, doctors explain that this practice generates many consequences in the body of people, by detonating infections and damage the walls vaginal .

On the other hand, July Solomon , gynecologist at the Hospital Angeles del Pedregal , says that the method can generate diseases serious.

"The first thing to understand is that the vagina maintains an environment that, in general, is a state of acidity , natural conditions for the microorganisms who inhabit it are in perfect balance; but if for some reason it undergoes some change, this level causes the microorganisms to proliferate and gives way to a infection vaginal, "says the specialist.

Add that if the tampon is left for a long time within the vagina , the perfect environment is created so that different bacteria grow and generate redness, inflammation and pain, or develop the Toxic Shock Syndrome , an infection that can cause death.

The doctors say that with the tampons on the rocks, fines are not avoided in the breathalyser , because alcohol is processed through the respiratory tract, and even if there is no alcoholic breath, it would automatically be positive in the test.

It is necessary for authorities and parents to pay attention to the issue and be alert to the symptoms that their children manifest.

Video Medicine: Teens Using Vodka Soaked Tampons To Get Drunk Video (December 2022).