Do you have a future?

The sexual act It is an intimate and pleasant moment shared by two people, but there must not necessarily be affection or the desire for a deeper commitment between the couple. Therefore it is important to know if it is a free or a formal relationship to avoid misunderstandings and suffering.


The communication post coital It is usually related to sexual satisfaction and the relationship. Therefore, these conversations could play a key role in maintaining intimacy in the couple, "says a study Amanda Denes, researcher at the University of Connecticut.


Do you have a future?

One of the questions that arises after the sexual act is to know if what you have with that person is a free or formal relationship. In the next Carolina Saracho video tells you how men act after sex Discover it!


Caresses, kisses, love ...

After the sex There can be a wide variety of expressions: sleeping, caressing, games ... However, what does each of them say and what is their importance in the relationship?

According to a study conducted by Amanda Denes of the University of California at Santa Barbara, women who have had a orgasm they are more predisposed to engage in conversation after sex, and this is an action that they tend to take more often when the relationship is deeper.

Not only is it a consequence of pleasure during sex. The hugs and kisses after the privacy they favor the depth of the affective bond.

Remember that everything is allowed in privacy, as long as there is respect and trust. Beware!

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