5 tips to choose a mask for eyelashes

The tabs They are formed by scales of keratin and its function is to protect the eyes from dust and foreign bodies that are in the environment; In addition, they filter the sun's rays, which helps to prevent infections ocular

This part of the body needs special care, such as constant brushing and the use of mascara for lashes, which will help maintain its elasticity and strength. So that you learn to choose a good mascara, GetQoralHealth gives you the following tips:

1.- Choose a mask with natural extracts: This will increase and strengthen the fiber of the tab.

2.- Verify that the mascara has keratin : Is protein it will stimulate the appearance of new lashes and leave them thicker and more abundant; it will favor its elasticity and resistance; It will intensify the expression of your eyes and lengthen them naturally.

3.- Check the expiration date : This type of product lasts three months after its first use, so keep a record and change it when the time allowed. With this, they are prevented infections and irritation problems.

4.- Waterproof : If you are a person who likes water sports or you are very sensitive, you should opt for a waterproof mascara, to prevent it from getting diluted and entering the eyes.

5.- For the size : If you have short eyelashes you should choose a mask with lengthening effect; If you have thin, opt for one that provides volume to look thicker.

In addition, you should consider the sensitivity of the eyes and that it is a hypoallergenic product, to avoid any complications.


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