Mandarin Sangria

Tangerine is a seasonal fruit that is rich in vitamin C and nobiletin, a substance that acts in the body and protects against overweight and obesity, so it's ideal to include it in a Diet to lose weight , according to a study of the University of Quebec, Canada .

Besides being a low calorie fruit (37 per 100 grams), it is rich in fiber, abundant in water, contains little amount of sugars, is detoxifying and purifying and prevents fluid retention , according to

Therefore, to take advantage of its properties in a refreshing and fun way, we present the following recipe:


Mandarin Sangria


3 cups of natural tangerine juice
1/2 cup of Ginger Ale
1 cup of mineral water
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
1 apples with diced peel
1/2 cups of tangerine segments
1 cup diced peach or apricot
1 slit of cinnamon girl
Peppermint and mint leaves to taste

Preparation : Mix all the cold liquid ingredients in a jar. Then add the pieces of fruit and the leaves of mint and spearmint.

Refrigerate until the moment of serving or you can add, if you wish, some ice at the time of doing it. Remember to consume it as fresh as possible to take advantage of all the nutrients and properties of the fruits against the overweight and obesity .

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Video Medicine: How to Make Sangria (May 2024).