10 actions vs sex addiction

Sex addicts try to overcome or avoid the difficulties of life through sexual behavior. They are usually people who devote a lot of time to the search and to indulge their sexual behaviors or fantasies, turning this behavior into the epicenter of their life. Read More

10 signals to detect sexual problems

Know the 10 signs that to detect problems sexual dysfunctions and improve your sex life. Improve your sex life by detecting sexual dysfunctions early. Know the signs that reduce your sexual life as sexual dysfunctions. Read More

Daily actions…

There are forms, or daily actions, that a man performs and that damage the quality of his sperm. How can a man damage the quality of his sperm? Discover the habits that damage the quality of sperm. Read More

4 causes of female sexual problems

Know the causes of the most common female sexual problems so that the solutions and have a pleasant intimate life. Female sexual problems are generated by monotony, infections or emotional aspects. Read More

4 drinks that harm male sexuality

The consumption of alcohol reduces the quality of sperm and fertility. To have a good sperm quality, it is recommended to reduce the consumption of coffee and soft drinks. Read More

5 causes of delayed ejaculation

Ejaculation is the exit of semen from the penis that occurs when having an orgasm. However, it is responsible for some of the most common sexual disorders among men; delayed ejaculation is one of them. Read More

5 causes of anorgasmia

The anorgasmia or orgasmic dysfunction, is an inhibition of the orgasmic phase of the sexual response cycle, which can occur in both men and women, most often among them. There are several causes that can detonate, according to educasexo.com, including: Read More

5 causes of pain during sex

Sex is one of the most pleasurable activities that people enjoy. However, there are factors that turn pleasure into pain. Sex with pain is a common condition that is rarely expressed and that damages sexual life as a couple. GetQoralHealth.com tells you below what are the most common causes of sex with pain, so you can identify and attend them. Read More

Causes of sexual anxiety

Know the causes of sexual performance anxiety. Stress and economic problems are causes of sexual performance anxiety. Anxiety about sexual performance should be treated because it can cause dysfunction. Read More

5 factors that affect male sexuality

Male sexuality has always been marked by a series of myths that have given characteristics, sometimes wrong. This causes certain fears and situations that affect male sexual performance Read More

5 solutions to erection problems

Do you have problems with erection or erectile dysfunction? Discover 5 ways to overcome erection problems and enjoy your sex life to the fullest. Recover your sexuality with these 5 treatments for erection problems. Read More

1. Develop paraphilias

Among the risks of sexual abstinence is suffering a heart attack. The risks of sexual abstinence are emotional and physical. What are the risks of sexual abstinence? Read More

Identify your behavior

We present some signs that betray a sex addict, so you know if you are with one. Among the signs that betray a sex addict, is that they abandon their lives. Do you want to know the signs that betray a sex addict? Read More

5 tips for sex with chronic degenerative diseases

Chronic degenerative diseases can affect the sexual life of a couple. Certain sexual dysfunctions, in men and women, are caused or a consequence of chronic degenerative diseases. Learn how to reactivate your sex life despite chronic diseases. Read More

5 treatments vs erectile dysfunction

Impotence is defined as the inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient to allow a satisfactory sexual relationship. In an interview for GetQoralHealth.com, the director of the Uroclinic Group, Carlos Sánchez Moreno, explains to us what specialist treats erectile dysfunction: Read More

Pay attention and take care!

Why do women not have orgasms in some occasions? A psychologist gives you the reasons why women do not have orgasms at some stage of their life. Some women do not have orgasms, discover the main reasons. Read More

7 causes of persistent arousal syndrome

The persistent sexual arousal syndrome is one of the sexual dysfunctions of women. This syndrome, one of the female sexual dysfunctions, can be disabling. Among the female sexual dysfunctions, the PGAD can have different causes, according to each woman. Read More

It ends with impotence naturally

This herb was discovered (if you believe in the legend) by a Chinese goat herder, who had noticed more sexual activity in his flock after having eaten some herbs. As a result, thousands of men around the world now use these herbs as an aphrodisiac and as a treatment for physical impotence. Read More

9 most common sexual phobias

Phobias are irrational fears that some people manifest, although in reality it is not a real threat. They go far beyond fear, since they are moments of total blockage. This also applies in the sexual aspect. Read More