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3 symptoms of sleep paralysis

50% of Mexicans have had one of the three symptoms of sleep paralysis. The popular belief that the dead is raised, is really only one of the three symptoms of sleep paralysis. Detecting any of the three symptoms of sleep paralysis helps to avoid anxiety. Read More

5 benefits of green tea for your oral health

Discover how green tea helps you maintain good oral health. Research published in the Journal of Periodontology showed that green tea improves oral health due to its high antioxidant content. Consuming green tea in a moderate way reduces halitosis and benefits your oral health. Read More

5 diseases that will increase in the year 2040

Neuronal diseases such as Alzheimer's are diseases that could increase by the year 2040. An unhealthy lifestyle and environment can generate an increase in diseases such as asthma in the year 2040. It knows that other diseases will increase by the year 2040 and care Your Health. Read More

5 truths of the miracle products

In Mexico, nearly 21 thousand brands of "miracle products" are sold. The miracle products are responsible for highlighting or exaggerating the benefits of certain items for health. If you want to take care of your health and appearance, the best alternative is to go to a specialist, avoid using miracle products. Read More

5 reasons why your period does not come

Most menstrual cycles occur every 25 or 30 days, lasting three to seven days; However, there are different factors that can make a normal period something abnormal, such as polymenorrhea. Polymenorrhea is a term used to define the presence of menstruation during a period of less than 21 days. But what causes it? Discover it Read More

6 tips to clean your home

Learn how to properly clean and disinfect your food. Know the differences between cleaning and disinfection. According to the WHO, the cleaning and disinfection of water and food can prevent the spread of diseases such as cholera. Read More

7 things that are not worth worrying about

Chronic worry is a symptom related to generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). According to the University of Maryland, chronic worry can appear at any time due to family problems. Relaxing and having positive thoughts helps you to prevent chronic worry. Read More

7 habits to improve your sexual health in 2014

There are many ways to improve your sex life, such as maintaining good habits that help you improve sexual health. Exercise and healthy eating are some of the main habits that improve sexual health. Know what habits improve sexual health and enjoy your privacy. Read More

Does cancer affect your vision?

Blurred vision can be generated by eye cancer. There are many types of cancer in eyes, among them the most common is uveal melanoma. The most frequent eye cancer in children is retinoblatom. Read More

Keys to follow your medical treatment

Did you know that the interruption of a medical treatment has serious repercussions on health? Only 50% of patients with chronic diseases follow their medical treatment on a regular basis. Currently there are different methods that help patients to continue their medical treatment, discover them. Read More

How emotions influence your body

According to new studies emotions affect the body equally in people, regardless of sex, language or culture. During the study it was shown that emotions influence the body in the same way after different sensations. Discover how emotions influence the body. Read More

Care before running, improve your performance

Exercising is important, so we tell you what care to take before a race. Care before a race is very important, as they help you avoid injuries. However, taking painkillers is one of the precautions you should avoid before running. Read More

5 factors that develop depression

Anger and sadness in people's lifestyle could lead to depression. A lifestyle with stress can develop depression. There are different factors that relate to lifestyle as a trigger for depression. Read More

The story behind the photo

In recent days, one of the many photos of the earthquake that shook our country and that has touched us has spread. And sometimes we think that the military is made of steel, that they work without "breaking" or that they "have no feelings". We never imagine an element of the Armed Forces vulnerable and empathic to the pain of others. Well no, they have worked day and night in search of survivors, they have been in struggle and without rest. They also feel and suffer because of the pain we are all living. Read More

Heart problems

All of us have at some point experienced intense stress; be it for work, money, family or couple problems, duel ... Go, even for the traffic! However, it is important to know that this has consequences in our organism and this is how they manifest: Heart problems Read More

Jumping genes cause schizophrenia

The DNA sequence known as "jumping genes could be related to schizophrenia." Schizophrenia is a mental illness that, according to scientists in Tokyo, can be hereditary or environmentally interfering with jumping genes. brain functioning. Read More

Habits that generate obesity and diabetes

A bad diet and sendetarismo, are habits that generate obesity and diabetes. The information helps to diminish the habits that generate obesity and diabetes. The National Strategy for the prevention and control of overweight, obesity and diabetes, will help to change the habits that generate obesity and diabetes. Read More

Internet helps prevent addictions

The information helps the prevention of addictions. Researchers from the UNAM have created the Digital Space for the Prevention of Addictions, where they hope to help the young people between 15 and 22 years old. The use of drugs increased to 24.4%, which is why a strategy for the prevention of addictions is important. Read More

Does music improve your intelligence?

The benefits of music that reflect on the intelligence of children? Discover it According to Harvard University, the relationship between the benefits of music intelligence in children does not exist. During the study to know the benefits of music, more than 29 parents and children participated. Read More