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Abuse of prescription drugs could be addictive

When someone tells us that a person we know is addicted to drugs, sometimes it is hard to believe. Maybe because we imagine an addict individual as someone who smokes marijuana, injects heroin and has marks on his arms. It is not always the case. An addicted person can be by our side; Be a friend, partner, colleague, relative or acquaintance. These are people who abuse drugs, who misuse an illicit substance, medicated or not, to obtain certain pleasant rather than medical effects. Read More

Internet addiction causes brain damage

The Chinese Academy of Sciences says that Internet addiction causes brain damage to adolescents comparable to those who produce alcohol and cocaine. Researchers suggest that excessive use of the network among minors, whose brain has not yet reached its full development, can cause damage to the "white matter" of this organ. Read More

Narcotic addiction for treating pain

How or when does a person experience pain? Does pain serve any useful purpose? These questions can be answered by enumerating some of the functions of pain. First, pain is an adjustment that protects us from wounds. It also serves as an indirect aid in repairing and replacing damaged tissue. But the most important function of pain is to inform the person that something in the body is wrong. Read More

Alerted by 'fashion' of getting drunk with antibacterial gel

Children and adolescents from different parts of the world have ended up in the emergency room for being drunk and not for drinking beer, rum or any other beverage, but for consuming antibacterial gel. Consume antibacterial gel affects the nervous system, respiratory and cardiac function. These are the risks of consuming antibacterial gel. Read More

Betting a lot becomes addiction

According to estimates from the Ludopathy and Integral Growth Center (CALCI), in Mexico there are around half a million people who are compulsive gamblers. However, the figure skyrockets to four million if we take into account all those who have ever fallen into this situation. The problem is that few know that the addiction to gambling and gambling, known as pathological gambling, is considered by the World Health Organization as a mental disorder. Read More

I bet you bet, a very masculine addiction

If the last thing you lost was your hair and not because of baldness, maybe your bet was not the right one, but do not worry, this male obsession is natural as long as you do not end up having shoes every Thursday of poker. "Men enjoy gambling because they have been brought up to be competitive creatures," says George Weinberg, author of the book, Why Men Do not Compromise, "Win reaffirms their masculinity." Read More

Genetic factors intervene to acquire an addiction

Addiction is a complex problem, since it is estimated that 50% of the vulnerability of being addicted is hereditary, however there are also adverse social factors during childhood or adolescence that increase the risk of consuming some type of legal or illegal drug, said Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute of Drug Abuse in the United States. Read More

Inhale solvents, a dangerous juvenile addiction

There are many reported cases of mothers and fathers who have problems with their children because of the use of inhalants. And, what exactly are inhalants? A wide range of substances in the form of solvents, aerosols or gases that, when breathed, cause effects on some of the body organs and their functions. Read More

Under 25 years old check Twitter during sex

The latest Retrevo Gadgetology Report survey asked social media users how much, where and how they used their time in online services such as Facebook or Twitter. The results show surprising figures in people under 25, where 11% of young people send messages during their sexual relations. Read More

Safety in the use of medicines

Many cases of drug addiction began with simple curiosity. In a typical case, the person probably enjoyed the euphoria experienced when taking the drug for the first time and this made her use it repeatedly. It is the same reason why mothers and fathers have to be especially careful with the medicines they keep at home. A girl or young child may be tempted to try what is contained in a bottle in the kit, adding to the many cases previously mentioned. Read More

Infection detonator tattoos

Tattoos have become part of fashion, and this decoration on the body is accepted by a large part of society. However, these drawings on the skin can be a trigger for infections if they are not performed under the right conditions. Some studies highlight that around 5% of people who get tattoos show complications during or after the process. Read More

Pathological buyer disorder

Shopping addiction is increasing alarmingly in many countries of the world, especially in Europe and the United States. However, in emerging countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Chile or Argentina, things are no less worrisome. Read More

I'm Tiger Woods and I'm addicted to sex

The recent divorce of award-winning golfer Tiger Woods has made it clear that sex addiction can jeopardize not only a marriage, but even cost you a career and an estimated $ 750 million. Like most addictions, this type of addiction is described as a sexual behavior that affects the performance of your activities of daily life and begins to spoil your life little by little due to the lack of control and the continuous frustrations that generates behavior. Read More