8 reasons that affect your relationship

The limits they have the function of protecting us, differentiating us, of conserving our integrity . Yes you establish and respect the limits , the relations with others, they are not a source of conflict. When we do not put limits they lose us the respect .

The clearest signs of lack of limits in the Relationship are:

1. Live in constant anxiety .

2. To be pleasing the other despite not being convinced to do it

3. Feeling afraid that the relationship it's over because of our fault

4. Distrust our criterion of reality: not knowing if what we accept is correct or reasonable.

5. Lying to others and not daring to tell what is really happening in the relationship.

6. Experience a non-existent link: interpret any minimal action of the other as love or commitment, even if you remain silent when you mention that you will spend Christmas Eve alone.

7. Losing contact with what you really want or wanting only what the other wants

8. Be afraid to say NO.

When the limits they are healthy we can be ourselves without pretending. Remember that abuse always involves two people: the abuser that goes beyond limits and the abused that does not establish them clearly. And you, do you tell your partner how you feel?

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