3 exercises for people with hypertension

According to the Spanish Heart Foundation , the exercise physical is ideal in the treatment and prevention of hypertension , thanks to the fact that it helps to reduce the levels of blood pressure .

Programs that include various activities are very effective if they are done between 30 and 60 minutes for three or five days a week. It is very important that the doctor check the levels of the Pressure . Next, GetQoralHealth explains three exercises physical activities that people with hypertension arterial:

Bicycling: East exercise Physical is ideal as resistance training; It strengthens the cardiovascular system, the metabolism and the immune system. In addition, it tones the muscles of the legs and back and do not overload the joints. The blood pressure it increases initially during training, although in the long term it falls to its lowest level.

Dance: Is physical activity It is an excellent supplement for medical treatments. Improves cardiovascular capacity, decreases levels of cholesterol and of blood pressure . It also decreases the stress , which is one of the detonators of the hypertension .

Run: East exercise physical raises the cholesterol well, reduce the clots in the blood , keeps the heart in good condition, accelerates the metabolism and reduces the risk of suffering hypertension.

The following video explains the benefits of exercise physical, as well as the importance of nutrition in patients with hypertension :

Even when the reduction of the values ​​of blood pressure seems small, it may be enough to reduce the incidence of strokes and heart attacks of myocardium.

The specialists emphasize that the exercise physical you will feel healthier, you will keep your weight body, you will reduce the number of beats per minute, the anxiety , the depression and the stress

Remember that before starting a program of exercise physical you should consult your doctor to give you additional measures to take care of your health. And you, how much sport do you practice during the week?

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