Part of your life?

There are "common" problems that can damage your vagina. Discover the problems that can damage your vagina, and therefore, your intimate and professional life. We present a list of problems (diseases and injuries) that most damage the health of your vagina. Read More

Femininity in danger

Discover what factors can cause vaginal pain. Do not you know why, but do you experience vaginal pain? Because of its shape and location, the vagina is exposed to problems that can damage your health; example, produce pain in this area. Read More


Know the consequences of vaginal steam baths and how they are performed. What are the vaginal steam baths for? Are they safe? Discover the consequences or side effects of these new beauty methods. Read More

I dream it goes away?

Is it possible that surgeries harm fertility? Occasionally, whether due to an illness or accident, women are in need of a surgical procedure that can damage fertility in the long term. There are surgeries that can damage fertility. Read More

Learn and take care of your health!

Know the disadvantages of the contraceptive pill before using it. It is important that you go with a specialist to find a contraceptive method that is right for you. What are the disadvantages of the contraceptive pill? Know them and avoid them. Read More

5 facts about sex during pregnancy

We give you 5 facts that belie some myths about sexual relations during the period of pregnancy: 1- During pregnancy it is perfectly normal to have sex and you can have them as often as you want, but you may not always want it. At first, dizziness, nausea, hormonal changes and fatigue may keep you away from your partner, and in the following trimesters you may experience reluctance due to weight gain, back pain and breast tenderness. Read More

What can we expect from this visit?

You know everything about your menstrual cycle. We offer you five curious facts about your menstrual cycle. Discover some data that surround your menstrual cycle. We solve some doubts about your menstrual cycle. Read More

Wash your friend very well!

Know the easiest ways to clean the male genitalia. Know the 5 easy ways to clean the male genitalia. To enjoy a good sex life you need to know the easy ways to clean the male genitalia. Read More

5 problems that prevent contraceptives

Know what diseases prevent contraceptive methods. Ovarian and cervical cancer are some diseases that prevent contraceptive methods. HIV and sexually transmitted infections are problems that prevent contraception Read More

How to identify a vaginal problem?

Know which signals help you identify vaginal problems. Dryness, irritation, abnormal flow are signs of some vaginal problems, such as infections. It is important to identify vaginal problems for a healthy sex life. Read More

Habits that prevent dryness

Having good habits of life and hygiene help prevent vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness can be prevented even from premenopause. Proper hydration is vital to prevent vaginal dryness. Read More

5 advantages of vasectomy

Currently couples must plan the number of members of their family to give them a better quality of life and enjoy an excellent well-being. For this they must use some contraceptive methods that suit their needs, such as vasectomy. Read More

1. Consult your gynecologist

How to do to get pregnant? With these practical tips you can achieve your goal. If you do not know how to get pregnant, this article will be of great help to you Read More

You dream of being a mom ...

We present some habits that can help you be more fertile. Is your dream to be a mother? Here we present some habits that can make you more fertile. Be more fertile by changing some of your life habits. Read More