Osteoporosis affects people over 70

The osteoporosis is characterized by the reduction of the strength of bone ; factors such as sedentary lifestyle , tobacco , alcohol , low consumption dairy products and its derivatives during childhood, family history and inadequate therapy estrogen , can influence their early appearance.

Specialists of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) emphasize that this condition occurs in mature ages; indicate that in the case of women, after 60 years of age, 20% of patients are affected and in the seventh decade of life up to 60% presents it.

Within the framework of World Osteoporosis Day , which is celebrated on October 20, the doctor Ernesto Guadarrama Gómez , endocrinologist of the General Hospital of Zone (HGZ) 2-A Troncoso, explained that Social Security offers comprehensive care through the timely diagnosis and prescription of drugs such as calcium Y vitamin D (calcitriol), in addition to surveillance in the feeding and the annual practice of examinations of bone densitometry .

For his part, the doctor Pedro Mendoza Martínez endocrinologist Regional General Hospital (HGR) number 25 of the IMSS, highlighted that according to indicators marked by the World Health Organization (WHO), if the calcification of the bone is below 80 or 85%, it is called osteopenia.

It is the pre-phase to the osteoporosis , which is a partial loss of bone mass and the bone it still does not become so porous . It is named osteoporosis when the decrease in calcium goes beyond 75%.

The endocrinologist Guadarrama Gómez pointed out that this disease afflicts women more than men because they have the production of testosterone up to 60 or 65 years old. He specified that this affectation has been observed after 50 years in 6% of them.

He also stressed that clinically there is no discomfort or symptom, however, some signs such as loss of height, the presence of a syphosis (hump in the back) or a curvature in the spine , can represent a warning of decalcification .

Dr. Mendoza Martínez pointed out that the IMSS carries out the timely detection of this disease in its three levels of care. He commented that in case of suspicion of osteoporosis , the first level doctor prescribes calcium the patient and channel it to nutrition to indicate how to take advantage of nutrients of each food you eat.

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