Obesity detonates osteoarthritis

The osteoarthritis is a disease that affects 80% of people over 60, who perform in excess exercise or who, due to their activity, wear out some articulation of their body, such as waiters, seamstresses, porters, etc.

In an interview for GetQoralHealth , Manuel Duarte , internist doctor in the city of Guadalajara, points out that one of the most frequent factors of this disease is the over weight :

"If we add to this the sedentary lifestyle , having an inadequate lifestyle such as drinking soda and not resting the right hours, the risk of developing osteoarthritis , it increases. "

The areas that are most damaged by this disease are: hip, shoulders, spine, knees, hands and feet; however, this condition is more frequent in women due to hormonal changes.

In this regard, the doctor Duarte Vegas called on the population so that people over 20 years, make a periodic review and modify their lifestyle, when practicing exercise and decrease the intake of red meat.

For his part, the doctor Roberto Rodríguez Huerta , medical manager of Sanofi , says that weight reduction is essential to reduce the risk of osteoarthritis :

"In the ankles we carry our real weight, in the knees we hold twice the weight of the body, while in the hip we carry 3 times our weight, so if we have overweight Y obesity , the damage is catastrophic for our bones and joints. "

Interviewed in the Second National Meeting of Osteoarthritis and First Seminar of Rheumatoid Arthritis , which was carried out from August 31 to September 1 in Cancun, the doctor states that the pharmacological treatment, which must be personalized and the patient's healthy habits, are key to reducing the pain and inactivity to which they are subjected. this people:

"A good option is to do exercise . It is excellent to swim or use the elliptical stair climber. If to this we add a natural supplement that is beneficial to avoid the wear and tear of our joints , will be ideal to prevent this disease from coming, which reduces the lives of thousands of people, because you lose mobility and independence. "