Long nails

Make up is a ritual for women, we take our time, we enjoy it, we know which parts of the face require more attention to look beautiful. However, we do not realize that certain customs that we do when we put on makeup are Beauty mistakes that age you .

No matter how old you are, knowing and avoiding makeup practices that make you look bigger, or even provoke it, will make you look beautiful at all times.

Joe J. Simon, professional celebrity makeup artist, explains below what are the Beauty mistakes that age you . Avoid them!


Long nails

If you wear them long, pointed and red, you will surely look bigger. It is best to take them short and choose pastel colors.


Excess powder makeup

Using too much will remove all the natural shine of the skin making it look more subdued and aged. Loose powders applied with a brush in the T zone of the face (forehead, nose, chin) are preferable.

In the other areas, especially under the eyes, can highlight wrinkles and generate dry skin.

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