It is not possible, just today that you have this important appointment, I had to leave an odious and horrible grain. Squeezing the pimples will never be a good choice because it damages your skin. Squeezing pimples often exacerbates the problem and can leave marks. A study reveals that squeezing the mud with your hands promotes infections and damages your skin. Read More

An excellent option for your skin

If you are looking to cleanse your skin of impurities, matify it and eliminate wrinkles, discover how micellar water works in favor of your skin. To know how micellar water works on the skin, you need to read this text and discover its multiple benefits. Take advantage of its benefits and know how micellar water works. Read More

8 foods that generate acne

How to avoid acne? Avoid eating these foods to improve your skin. If you want to show off a skin free of impurities and pimples, then we give you these tips so you know how to avoid acne. Stop eating fried foods, nuts and dairy are measures that you must take into account so you know how to avoid acne. Read More

When you do not get rid of ...

Know these things that happen when you do not remove makeup, you will be terrified. Do not remove make-up is a bad habit that causes damage to the skin, knows the things that happen. Things that happen when you do not remove make-up? Read More

7 habits that reduce dark circles

Dark circles can make you look dull and look tired. Know these tips to eliminate dark circles. Although you can correct them with makeup you can apply these tips to eliminate dark circles at the same time that you change your habits. To eliminate dark circles there is nothing better than to resort to the natural, take note. Read More

Delay the years ...

Discover how to eliminate wrinkles naturally through herbs and spices. To disappear wrinkles we give you these recommendations on how to eliminate wrinkles naturally. Although aging is a natural process, at GetQoralHealth I tell you how to eliminate wrinkles through herbs and spices. Read More

They decorate their beards like this

The fashion of the beard in men is still causing a furor and now the new trend is to bring it decorated with glitters, flowers, food or colorful items. A new fashion of the beard in men has arrived and it is using glitter and items in it. Two young people from Oregon go crazy with Instagram with their beard fashion in men: brightness and any object that stops in it is the object of showing it off in this network. Read More

Which is yours?

There are certain personalities that can betray you, that's why we ask you what type of cheek do you have? The answer will give you the way you have it. What kind of cheek do you have? Discover it and surprise yourself by reaffirming your personality. Read More

What are the risks with permanent Chinese eyelashes?

Those looking to show off some impact lashes are opting for permanent eyelash curl, not knowing if they are candidates for this treatment. It is very common that more and more women decide to opt for the technique of permanent eyelash curling without knowing the consequences that can cause them. Know the pros and cons of permanent curly and do not expose your eye health. Read More

Chamomile tea

If you have already resorted to creams and masks, and you have not seen the desired results, it is time to act from within to fight them. There are drinks that help eliminate dark circles in a natural way and without exposing your health. With these drinks that help eliminate dark circles you will notice changes in a short time. Know the drinks that help eliminate dark circles. Read More

5 mistakes in lip makeup

The lips are very important for women. The lips, like the eyes, captivate the masculine glances. Exfoliation with a toothbrush can not only damage your beauty, but also cause infections. Read More

Avoid these mistakes!

Information from the Mexican Foundation for Dermatology reveals that one of the main mistakes made in the skin is not knowing what type it is. Now that you know this information, avoid these mistakes that are made on the skin and you will realize that in a short time it will look radiant and renewed. Avoid these mistakes that are made on the skin. Read More

You need:

Wrinkles appear when you least expect it, it does not matter if you are 20, 30 or 40 years old. As we do not want this to happen to you, follow these tips and eliminate wrinkles with a spoon. Eliminate wrinkles with a spoon and rejuvenate your face. Preferably do it at night since you're demaquillada. Avoid the passage of time and eliminate wrinkles with a spoon. Read More

Choose well!

A bad application of makeup causes eye problems, so it is important to know the ingredients of the cosmetics before using them. Learn how a bad makeup application detonates eye problems. Read More

Which are?

If you want a smooth complexion with a young and fresh look, look at what you eat because there are certain foods that help moisturize the skin more quickly than any facial. Chocolate is one of the foods that help to moisturize the skin because it contains iron, calcium and vitamins A, B1, C, D and E, all of them beneficial to provide hydration to the skin from the inside. Experts reveal a list of foods that help hydrate the skin effectively and accurately. Read More

Use sunscreen!

During seasons with temperature drop, we must take care of the skin, since this can present irritation and dry appearance. Pay attention to the interview and advice we have prepared for you. Read More

Cleaning that has its complications ...

Washing the face is considered one of the best treatment for the skin of this area. Washing your face incorrectly may affect the appearance of your skin. Discover 5 mistakes when washing your face. Read More

What is a facial serum?

Many women in the world try to have and maintain beautiful, smooth and healthy skin. For this reason many of us try a lot of products that promise to help us achieve it. Read More