Keep your hands away from that pimple or mud!

Acne outbreaks have a cycle that lasts two to three weeks. An excessively long lapse for those who suffer from it and see it damaged, not only its appearance, but also its self-esteem; But is squeezing pimples and pimples a good solution in the short term?

For Glen T. Anderson, an expert in organic chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania, The most effective way to treat acne and prevent new formation is a comprehensive regimen: oral treatment, with antibiotics and medical supervision.


Keep your hands away from that pimple or mud!

It is difficult to observe with patience that injury that interrupts the natural harmony of the skin, but opting to squeeze the mud or pimple may not be the best option. GetQoralHealth, with information from Huffington Post, we tell you the reasons why you should take your hands away from that area.

1. When you squeeze a pimple, you are actually tearing the skin during the process, which in the long term causes more severe scars.

2. Triangle of Death. It is an area on the face that can become infected to death after squeezing a mud. How does this happen? because in this area there are blood vessels that drain blood to the back of the head, at the base of the brain.

3. If a mud is squeezed and an infection is generated and not treated in time, it can lead to paralysis, blindness and even death.

Acne is not curable and has different levels of severity. The most common is called acne vulgaris and can be treated with topical treatments, which aim to reduce the production of fat and prevent the blockage of pores.

In women there are two types that appear after 20 years. Lapyoderma faciale affects those who had not had acne, and usually disappears after a year. Rosacea is common after age 30 and causes redness in the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin.

The most advisable thing is that before squeezing a pimple or mud is to assist with a skin specialist so that it is he who determines the most correct way to treat the problem.

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