Know the causes

One of the taboos that still permeates men is to be able to talk about the discomforts of their member. The Group of Urologists of the DAM Clinic of Spain publishes a list of Causes of why the penis hurts and that can help you identify symptoms.

Penis health is an important part of men's energy and goes beyond their ability to obtain and maintain a erection or ejaculate, so we present 7 Causes of why the penis hurts .


Know the causes

1. Masturbation . The stimulation of the genital organs aggressively is one of the main Causes of why the penis hurts . If it is done with great force it can deflect the limb, even trauma can cause a fracture.

2. Dry Skin . Sensitivity to certain cleaning products and spermicides found in condoms can cause pain due to the dryness they cause. Keeping the head of the penis clean and hydrated is essential.

3. Eruption . The rash in the male organ has various origins, among which are the sensitivity to chemicals such as soaps, frequent masturbation, tight clothing and allergies.

4. Infections . They are common in the skin of the penis, especially in the warm and humid environment of the genital area. It can be caused by lack of hygiene, the use of wet diapers in children and urinary incontinence in adults.

5.- Peyronie's disease . Over time, masturbation, sex, and minor skin injuries can result in a buildup of tissue from scar under the outer skin layer of the skin of the penis, which can cause the member to be curved every time an erection occurs.

6.- Balanitis . It is a disease that can cause pain in the penis and has among its symptoms: Sores on the penis, redness of the glans, secretion, genital itching and painful urination.

7.- Gonorrhea . It is one of the conditions that can lead to pain in the male organ. Other symptoms of this disease include oral infection, throat infection and painful urination.


Analysis about the curvature

A study of Institute of Sexual Medicine of Spain , notes that 70% of men with curvature problems in the penis minimized the problem and ignored the recommendations of the doctors. The research recommends performing exercises to reduce the curvature of the male organ. Here is an example:

Holding the penis with the thumb and index finger (like the "OK" gesture), place a slight pressure on the area of ​​curvature and then caress or "milk" the penis in the opposite direction of the curve.

If the penis is curved to the left, milk to the right. Change hands to create a constant "milking" movement, constantly pressing firmly on the curved part of the member, stroking from the base to the head of the penis.

Perform this exercise regularly on a daily or weekly basis to help reduce, or even sometimes completely eliminate, the curvature of the penis.

Regardless of the causes of why the penis hurts It is necessary to visit a urologist for an evaluation recommend the studies.

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