5 snacks with less than 100 calories

Healthy snacks, snacks or snacks refer to a portion of food smaller than the main meals of the day, and consumed between regular meals.

The size of healthy snacks should be adequate to remove the feeling of hunger, but not so great because it can take away the appetite at the next meal.

It is important to understand that collation is not synonymous with "eating at night," but that healthy snacks are a way to help maintain an orderly meal schedule and avoid excesses, since at the time of the next meal you will not be so hungry.

The caloric value of healthy snacks should be approximately 10 to 15% of the total diet, according to the requirement of each person, but for those who want a nutritious snack with less than 100 calories, the nutritionist of the Institute of Nutrition and Health Kellogg's, Fernanda Zimmermann , gives you the following options:

Keeping the body well hydrated and fed is of vital importance for the proper functioning of the body. Except for the nights, we recommend you not to spend more than 4 hours without eating any food. Go to a nutritionist if you have questions about your diet.

Video Medicine: Under 100-Calorie Guilt-Free Healthy Snacks (May 2022).