May the pleasure not fade away!

The lack of sexual desire and excitement are the main causes why a woman experiences pain during the sexual act, notes an article from The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. However, the vaginal dryness It also represents an important role in this problem.


One in three women experience vaginal dryness as part of the hormonal changes produced by the menopause (decrease in estrogen levels). Although, it is becoming more frequent in a smaller population, from 20 to 35 years old.


May the pleasure not fade away!

Pain should not be an option in sexual intercourse , for this reason we provide you with some ways to treat this condition.

1. Soy. It contains plant substances called isoflavones that mimic slightly the action of estrogen. With what could be improved the humidity of the vaginal cavity, notes an article from the Dam Clinic

2. Ring of estrogen. Its placement must be done by a health specialist. This consists of a soft and flexible ring that releases a constant dose of estrogen directly in the vaginal tissues. This is what the expert describes Mikio Nihira

3. Creams. Unlike the water-based lubricants that only last a few hours; the creams have an effect of days, says an investigation of the University of Maryland Medical Center.

In addition to these forms, maintaining proper hydration can help you maintain good vaginal lubrication. Try it!


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