Jenni Murray and the Dukan diet

The obesity and the overweight they have become a serious public health problem that, far from being reduced, increases globally. According to World Health Organization (WHO), each year at least 2.6 million people die due to the epidemic proportions reached worldwide.

Jenni Murray , the famous presenter of Woman's Hour's of the BBC Radio He said that there has been a lot of talk recently on the news about the battle against obesity and "I can not deny that it is a serious health problem that needs some kind of radical action".

It is for this reason that Murray initiated the Dukan diet , because it ensures that it makes more sense than most diets because there is no measure of the portions, you can eat everything you want and it seems a very healthy option: meat or fish, fat-free milk and yogurt, and free vegetables. carbohydrates like spinach or broccoli. Also, you do not have to endure the constant monitoring of the count of calories .

The Dukan diet, developed by a French doctor, the Dr. Pierre Dukan , proposes to lose weight naturally with 100 foods : 72 of animal type and 28 of vegetal origin. According to information on the portal, the goal is to lose weight natural , fast , stabilizer Y durable .

This technique to lose weight is divided into four stages:

  1. Attack : Brief and sudden, with immediate results. During this phase, the diet It consists of 72 foods with a large amount of proteins .
  2. Cruise : Drive the "fair weight" all at once. In this stage days of proteins pure with days of proteins accompanied by the 28 recommended vegetables.
  3. Consolidation : Ten days per kilo, which is the door to return to a balanced diet.
  4. Stabilization : It is based on three simple, concrete, not very painful and non-negotiable measures. According to the method Dukan This is the easiest stage, since 95% of the people who follow one diet recover the lost weight.

The Dukan method It has been translated into 10 languages ​​and disseminated in more than 20 countries, among diverse cultures such as Korean, Russian or Bulgarian.

And you, what method do you use to lose weight?

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