Kim Kardashian

The psoriasis it is a disease that affects the central nervous system. Some celebrities with psoriasis fight day to day to control your disease.

The psoriasis It is a disease of the skin that causes scaling, itching and inflammation.

Normally the regeneration process of the cells is slow in the organism. With the famous ones with psoriasis the opposite happens, the cell regeneration procedure is so fast that it causes the new cells to accumulate on the surface. This is what causes inflammation.

Within the treatments of psoriasis it is recommended to inject cortisone. The cortisone It is characterized by having an anti-inflammatory effect, however it has side effects in the body.

According to a study conducted by Clinical Immunology of Germany, between the effects of injecting cortisone they are: bruises, bumps, infection and allergic reactions.

Here we present you some celebrities with psoriasis :


Kim Kardashian

The socialitesuffers psoriasis for some years and to control it is injected cortisone .

Kim injected cortisone in the buttocks to control it disease , however, has suffered from the effects of cortisone in the long term as they are: gain weight and swelling.

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