5 beauty tips from Scarlett Johansson

To the natural, Scarlett Johansson It is thinner and smaller than it seems on screen, its beauty is very fresh and natural; In addition, he knows how to achieve a sensual and even casual look. Thus, GetQoralHealth reveals 5 tips of beauty of this actress.

1.- Relaxing bath: To eliminate the stress that accumulates during the day, the actress takes advantage of bath time to relax and try each product on the market that benefits her skin .

2.- Smell to flower: One of his tips beauty is to walk and leave a pleasant aroma of flowers, so she confesses as a fan of perfumes.

3.- Flexible diet: Within the diet of the actress, Chinese food can not be missing; In addition, sometimes enjoy some cravings such as homemade bread, a vegetarian pizza or soft drink in calories .

4.- basic makeup kit: To always look beautiful, Scarlett Johansson does not forget her lip gloss, a concealer of dark circles and a good mascara. One of her beauty tips is to use a base with light effect. In addition, her makeup is very natural.

5.- Desmaquíllate: One of the tips of beauty most important, is to remove makeup completely before going to sleep. Also apply a moisturizer to maintain your skin fury. Learn more beauty tips from this famous actress in the following video of Europa Press :

Scarlett Johansson is not obsessed with weight and she feels proud of her body, she has even confessed that she loves her curves and her lips. That's why, it makes exercise and take a diet where Chinese food can not miss.