Everything worries you?

German researchers have confirmed what many people have always suspected: that the stress It can generate headaches. In their study, it was found that people who reported headaches had more stress compared to those who never reported Headaches.

A growing stress resulted in more Headaches of all types, but the effect was particularly pronounced in people with tension headaches.

"Our findings are important to support the personalization of the management of stress in patients with different types of headache" , said the lead researcher, the Dr. Sara Schramm, University Hospital of the University of Duisburg-Essen.


Everything worries you?

"The benefit of interventions for stress may be slightly higher in patients with Headaches blood pressure than in patients with migraines " , he claimed.

The researchers collected data on more than 5,000 adults from 21 to 71 years old. Four times a year for two years, the participants were surveyed about their levels of stress and headaches. On each occasion, they were asked to rate their stress level from zero to one hundred, and to remember how many headaches they had per month.

Schramm's team found that 31% of participants had pain head Tensionalities, 14% had migraines, 11% had migraines in combination with tension headaches and 17% had unclassified headaches.


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To ensure that the stress outside the culprit, Schramm's team ruled out other factors associated with headaches, such as the consumption of alcohol, smoking or the frequent use of drugs to treat headaches.

One expert who did not participate in the study said it confirms the widespread belief that the stress Chronic is an important trigger of all types of pain head in people both young and old.

"Chronic intractable headache represents a major public health problem that is associated with a poorer quality of life, as well as a significant economic and social burden," he said. Dr. Souhel Najjar, director of the Center for Neurosciences at the University Hospital of Staten Island, in New York City.

"This finding is important and suggests that identifying sources of stress Chronic and use strategies aimed at the elimination or modification of stress, which includes meditation, deep breathing exercises and muscle relaxation techniques, can be very effective in reducing the frequency of all types of headaches, especially those tensional, "Najjar said.

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