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Interrupted intercourse does not prevent pregnancy or diseases

The interrupted intercourse takes place during sexual intercourse, when at the moment of ejaculation the penis is removed from the vagina to prevent the semen dismissed from reaching it and fecundating the woman. This method is considered unsafe, since within a sexual relationship, the man's penis expels a lubrication fluid before ejaculating (pre-ejaculatory fluid) that may contain sperm according to data from the website of the Secretary of Health of Mexico. Read More

When to use emergency oral contraceptives

It is a topic that interests all women, and not a few men, with an emphasis on those people who are in their teens. The Latin American Consortium for Emergency Contraception (CLAE) has answered the most frequently asked questions about the use of these contraceptive pills that women can use to prevent pregnancy, after an unprotected sexual relationship and up to 120 hours (5 days) after the act. Read More

Intrauterine device for adolescents

The intrauterine device is a contraceptive method that involves inserting a small device inside the woman's uterus. According to the Mexican Social Security Institute, the T-shaped device measures approximately 3.1 cm x 3.6 cm. Its effectiveness rate is greater than 98% during a period of prolonged use of 10 years. Per year, the effectiveness rate rises to less than one pregnancy for every 100 women who use it. Read More

IUD is an alternative to conceive

In general, the only alternative against endometrial cancer is a hysterectomy, which is the surgical removal of the uterus and ovaries, which means the end of a woman's fertile life. Read More

IUD is effective at 98%

Today couples have many options when choosing a family planning method: hormonal contraceptives, either oral, injectable or implants, intrauterine devices, various spermicides, diaphragms, condoms or condoms, cervical caps, as methods temporary and male and female sterilization as definitive methods. Almost all people can use modern methods without risk, although the gynecologist will be the one who should tell the woman which is the most appropriate in her particular case. The Intrauterine Device (IUD) is a form of contraception that does not require daily attention and the woman can practically not worry about the subject, as long as it doe Read More

Sex education, priority in young people

Mexico, DF, (CIMAC) .- Quality sexual education should be a priority issue in the Mexican government's agenda, since in the country there are "beliefs" that prohibit the exercise of the sexual rights of youth, "myths" that they distance them from information and expose girls and teenagers to unwanted pregnancies, said Vivianne Hiriart, author of the book "Contraceptives: What you need to know." Read More

Side effects of the contraceptive pill

The contraceptive method through pills, can cause some women to have side effects or discomforts, we list some of them: -Nausea (try to take the pill after having consumed food, such as at lunch) -Dolor mild headache -Bloom pain -Face stains -Buying weight -Banded between periods Read More

The Billings method

Among the options of natural methods for contraception that are used by women around the world, the Billings method is one of the most popular. It consists in observing the secretion and quality of the cervical discharge that flows on the vulva and the sensations it causes. Thanks to this method, the ovulation period of the woman and her fertile and non-fertile days can be calculated. Read More

Effectiveness of the next day's pills

Accidents happen. Anyone can forget to use their contraceptive method and have unprotected sex. When is it necessary to take the pills the next day? 1. If you forgot to take several birth control pills. 2. You miscalculated your fertile days. 3. The man did not withdraw the penis in time and ejaculated inside your vagina. 4. You were forced to have sex. Read More

Pregnancy in adolescent does not regress

Mexico, DF- (Gladis Torres Ruiz / CIMAC) .- The persistence of adolescent pregnancy in the country represents one of the great pending of the federal government, and a failure of information on behalf of the institutions, recognized the National Population Council (Conapo) In presenting the First Implementation Report of the National Population Program 2008-2012, the Secretary General of the Conapo, Felix Velez Fernandez Varela, said that the institutions of the country have failed in their task of offering information Read More

Unwanted pregnancy triggers depression

In a relationship of courtship, every principle has a point in common: between falling in love, the illusion and the desire to stay together and alone most of the time, it can be very romantic to think that the best way to give to each other is to from sexual intimacy. Unfortunately, derived from this idyllic environment, the risks that can be brought about by maintaining relationships without responsibility are rarely considered, among them, the arrival of a baby that may not arrive in the right conditions. With the announcement of a pregnancy, that environment in which love floated before, can become a trigger of instability, emotional viol Read More

Justin Bieber could be a father

Singer Justin Bieber could be the father of a three-month-old baby, after Mariah Yeater, 20, filed a paternity suit against the teenager before the California Court. Read More

The most natural in contraception

Natural methods, also called periodic abstinence, are part of the options for women who wish to regulate their fertility in a natural time and do not intend to use modern and highly effective contraceptive methods. They are based mainly on the observation of signs that indicate the fertile periods and the non-fertile periods of the woman's cycle throughout the month. Read More

The pill, Mexico's contribution to the world and women's rights

For more than half a century, women have had access to a pill discovered in the 1950s in the 20th century, which revolutionized the sexual life of millions of people around the world. The Hungarian researcher George Rosenkrantz, the American chemist Carl Djerassi and the young Mexican Luis Miramontes, a chemist from UNAM, contributed to the discovery of the contraceptive pill. Read More

Mexico has low knowledge about contraceptives

The number of women informed about contraceptive methods, increased only by 2% between 1997 and 2006, indicates the latest report of The Demographic Situation of Mexico 2009, of the National Population Council (CONAPO). Read More

Permanent bilateral tubal occlusion

The bilateral tubal occlusion is a permanent contraceptive method, considered a female sterilization surgery that consists of the obstruction of both uterine tubes, where they separate, link and cut the poles to give a greater range of security. The best time to do it is after having a child and the ideal candidates are those women who are satisfied with the number of children at the time. Some benefits of the OTB according to data from the Ministry of Health are: Read More

New contraceptive option

There is a new method of contraception in Mexico. The ulipristal acetate is a new method of contraception in Mexico. The emergency pill is a new method of contraception in Mexico. Read More