The Billings method

Among the options of natural methods for contraception that are used by women around the world, the Billings method is one of the most popular. It consists in observing the secretion and quality of the cervical discharge that flows on the vulva and the sensations it causes. Thanks to this method you can calculate the period of ovulation of the woman and her fertile and non-fertile days.

The days that the woman presents mucus Thicker and elastic of the normal means that it is more fertile, so you should avoid having sex with your partner. To recognize if the type of secretion is the right one places a portion of cervical mucus between the index and thumb fingers and when taking them off for a few centimeters if it is still joined by a thin thread of mucus without peeling off, it means that you are in your fertile days.

According to the World Health Organization, the percentage of pregnant women during the first year of applying the Billings system with a typical use is of 25% , and in the correct use is 2% if it is combined with the method of measuring your temperature, although the percentage will vary significantly depending on some factors, such as age, income, the person's desire to prevent or postpone pregnancy and its cultural degree.

Remember that the social and behavioral aspects should be taken into account when choosing a natural method during adolescence and that the Billings method does not prevent the infection contagion of sexual transmission. Only the correct use of condoms protects against STIs.

The Ministry of Health advises on the importance of reflection in young people about the use of natural methods of contraception, since there are other more effective resources.

Video Medicine: Audio-Visual Presentation of the Billings Ovulation Methodâ„¢ (April 2023).