Justin Bieber could be a father

The singer Justin Bieber could be the father of a three-month-old baby, after Mariah Yeater, 20, filed a lawsuit paternity against the teenager before the California Court.

According to information published by the portal ActitudFem , the mother of the baby, Mariah Yeater, said that after a concert she was escorted to Bieber's room where she was pregnant , after a sexual encounter of 30 seconds.

The woman told the judge that "... it was obvious that we were attracted to each other and we began to kiss. A short time later, Justin Bieber suggested that I accompany him to a private place where we could be alone. I agreed to go with him and on the way to a private area he told me that he wanted to make love to me and that this would be his first time ".

Mariah Yeater added that during the meeting she suggested using a contraceptive method , but the singer insisted on continuing.

Representatives of Justin Bieber deny the statements and say they will use all legal means to defend and protect the singer. A preliminary hearing will be held on December 15.


Paternity in adolescence

The pregnancies in adolescence they can be presented by various factors such as lack of information, difficult access to contraceptive methods , spontaneous or unplanned sexual relations and lack of communication with parents, according to information from the Angeles Hospitals .

When a teenager becomes a father, he must assume a responsibility for which he is rarely prepared. Due to this circumstance, it faces various consequences such as school drop-outs, labor difficulties or problems to form a stable family.

To avoid the experience of Justin Bieber, the specialists recommend that parents have an open communication with their children about sexuality , as well as informing young people about the different types of contraceptive methods and the importance of its use during sexual intercourse .

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