How is the treatment

Surely you will ask yourself what do you achieve by putting a bucket ice under your head . Well, not only will you feel cold, it also brings health benefits.

Color an ice cube behind your neck (on the nape ), is a very effective remedy to alleviate malaise , especially the migraine .

According to studies published by National Institute of Naturopathy , reveals that treatments based on cold reduce pain . Alternative medicine shows us that it is possible to relieve discomforts through specific points in the body.


How is the treatment

As we mentioned earlier, you should place an ice cube on the neck; At this point it is known as Feng Fu. This point is used in the acupuncture , a Japanese method that is mainly used to relieve pain and lose weight.

This point under the head, can help you relieve mainly the migraine but also other discomforts.

You must lie on your stomach and place the ice for 20 minutes in that area, your power analgesic and anesthetizing will eliminate pain.

¡Colca an ice behind your head and be amazed with the results!


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