6 tips to resume sex with your partner

One of the main consequences of the conflicts Y dislike between a partner , is the interruption of sex life . Which can and turns out to be very normal due to the accumulation of negative emotions That surrounds them.

However, if, even after solving this problem, the sex life in partner he does not return to his normal , is usually a problem caused by bad communication, and because it has not been completely sincere regarding their feelings.

Therefore, we give you some tips for a close up with the person you love, so that this problem can be solved and both enjoy a full sexuality as a couple , or, to resume it with new energy and strengthen its relationship :

1. Expresses openly the fears , prejudices Y worries , as well as your dreams and sexual fantasies , although they may not always be able to carry them out.

2. Speak freely, during the sex , about what you like most. They can turn on the light and show each other without complex .

3. You should not always leave the initiative to the man. It is important that the woman also take the reins and initiate the sexual game .

4. Try new postures to deal with the monotony , find different places to practice sex , or introduce sex toys and games , will help them rekindle the passion.

5. Try to isolate yourself from the everyday problems and dedicate yourself body and soul to sex with the partner .

6. Deprogram the sexual intercourse : any time is good to give and receive pleasure .

One of the most important things is to always be aware that the sex it's not just the penetration . You have to learn to value the before, the during and the after: discover together the world of petting , the whispers, the Kisses , the eroticism . Above all, never stop talking about your feelings Y wishes .