What about sex at 60?

Although the sexual excitement does not have a certain age to disappear, it is said that advanced age is when the libido it diminishes and we become sexually inactive; but specifically near the 60 years , the women they stop having sex

According to a study by the University of Chicago , women after 60 years have shown less interest in the issue sexual, This does not mean that it disappears, as there are cases in which, at 70-80 years, they still have activity .

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According to the study, the first wave of "baby boomers" , that generation that was born between 1946 and 1964, are now the women who are entering their 60 years, a sector of rapidly growing older adults and those who participated in the survey of sexual activity.


What about sex at 60?

At this age, the lack of information about sexual activity marks an important role, in addition to the lack of knowledge of how to deal with certain diseases and all taboos around them.

The sex in the third age it is possible, in spite of the medical conditions and treatments, but only 22% of the women admitted to discuss their sexual life with a doctor to have alternatives healthy


Sex partners

In the survey the 78% of the mens at that age they admitted having spouse or some intimate relationship, while only the 40% of the women they have a partner at this age; which confirms the fact that the 60 , women stop having sex by their own choice.

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