That the passion is not over

As time goes by, people change. Since within this transformation there are experiences, losses and diseases that are making a mark in what is thought. However, how does it alter the sex life ?

In accordance with Santiago Cedrés, Medical Internist of the Sexological Medical Center, the lack of sexual desire It translates into difficulties to take the initiative to the sexual intercourse , or to respond to your partner's desire.

That the passion is not over

However, it is not impossible to overcome an emotional crisis and return to sex life. Here we give you three examples of how you can take back your privacy after a loss or illness, with information from Iris Kransow, author of "Sex after ..."

1. Postpartum depression . To overcome it, the support and understanding on the part of the couple is important. It is important to take care of the relationship between both before recovering the sexual desire It can help you talk to mothers who have gone through the same or take therapy. And beyond initiating the sexual act of beating is better little by little, day by day.

2. Breast cancer. Recognize that support is needed. Tell the truth, that you are often tired. That you are afraid that the cancer will return. That he is vulnerable and only needs a hug; all this may be the best way to recover the wish.

3. Beyond middle age . In both sexes, the state of health, the quality of the previous sexual life, the communication with the couple and the availability of intimacy influence more than the age in the satisfaction of the elderly. The sexuality it evolves, but it is not extinguished until death.

Remember that in sexuality everything is allowed whenever there is respect . Do not forget, you are the owner of your body!

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