Tennis to take advantage of muscle strength

What started with an investigation headed by Tobbie Hatfield a group of runners who trained barefoot, now translates into the "Free" technology of the Nike footwear. Offering the user greater protection, faster and helping him to take full advantage of muscle strength.

The brand promises that the world of training will benefit from the evolution of "Free" technology. This innovation works through the muscle activation , help increase force , flexibility Y mobility , because it allows the user to exercise naturally to obtain a result 3 times faster without compromising the stability of your body and without causing injuries.

The Nike Free footwear line has technology proven for more than a decade, which maximizes exercise using all muscle groups as it is designed with engineering that simulates the natural movement of the foot , which allows total freedom of movement in interior and exterior spaces.

The launch took place in the Velodrome dome within the National Center for the Development of Sports Talents and High Performance (CNAR) under the concept "Free Yourself". This enclosure represents the authentic value of sport and NIKE support to the young talents and the multiple disciplines. In the presentation the athletes under the program Integral Commitment of Mexico with their Athletes (CIMA) put to the test the technology of the Nike Free collection in all its disciplines.

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