Challenges for the patient

In Mexico, nine people they die to the day because of Colorectal cancer , while each year five thousand new cases are diagnosed. Given this panorama, it is urgent to increase the number of specialized hospitals to attend to this disease, since currently there is only seven .


Unfortunately, in the country there is only seven hospitals that can offer Attention to patients who suffer from colon cancer and year without generating an outlay, "he says. Susanne Smolinska , of the Regional Hospital of High Specialty of Bajío .

The treatment for this disease it is extremely expensive and damages the patrimony of the families, since it is estimated that its cost can even be as much as million and a half pesos per patient, although it is variable.


Challenges for the patient

According to the Dr. Smolinska , These are the challenges faced by patients as they do not have specialized hospitals in their state.

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