7 tips to take care of your health at work

Caring for our health at work is essential to have a good productivity and a better quality of life; however, some of our habits prevent us from doing this daily.

According to information published by Mayo Clinic , spending a lot of time sitting at a desk detonates various diseases such as obesity, increased blood pressure and blood sugar levels. To avoid this, here are 7 tips to take care of your health at work.


  1. Adjustable table Create a proposal so that the people in your work can acquire tables that adapt to your correct height, in this way you will sit in an appropriate way, without your feet hanging or your back tilted too much.
  2. Ergonomic chair. Choose one that adapts to your movements and that prevents rigidity. The best is the one that allows movement throughout the day while you are sitting. Use the back of the chair to sit upright.
  3. Step for your feet. Avoid fluid retention and activate your blood circulation with a small step for your feet. Put it under your desk.
  4. Adjustable keyboard It will prevent the wrists from being pressed on the desk or keyboard, which could generate neck pain, back pain or carpal tunnel syndrome.
  5. Headphones . If you spend most of your time on the phone, use a headband, this will reduce neck and shoulder pain, because you will release all the tension.
  6. Illumination. Most of the offices have spotlights that are on the ceiling, which often do not illuminate properly the space in which we work. To reduce eyestrain and headaches, use an adjustable lamp.
  7. Wireless mouse. Choose a mouse that has no cables and has an integrated support. In this way, you will maintain a good posture and you will forget about shoulder, arm and back pains.

Another way to prevent injuries and illnesses at work is to stretch a few minutes, walk for five or 10 minutes, stop while talking on the phone and eat a balanced diet of five meals a day. And you, how do you take care of your health at work?

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