1. Spending time together is a priority

Although many people say that overwork ends relationships, there are love stories that prove otherwise. There is a possibility that in relationships where a couple has a demanding job, work perfectly, but nobody says it is easy.

The founder of the Chicago Relationship Center, mentioned in an interview for an American media, that maintaining a "successful" relationship costs more work to those couples with successful careers because they have less time to devote to their personal lives.

When everything goes out of control and then the approval of a boss becomes more important than the couple, things fail. So that your relationship does not fail, we leave you some things that you can do to maintain your courtship or strong marriage:


1. Spending time together is a priority

Sharing experiences is key for a relationship to work and have something to tell. It's about spending quality time, you can do it routine without it becoming boring, for example: every Friday you have an appointment, spend an hour and a half away from home or office, the plan can change.


2. The problems are solved

Do not let it be too late for this, your partner has to know if you are angry or not, it is not a fortune-teller. You decide if you want to solve everything in your time or claim a ball of problems on the same day where the majority no longer has a solution.

Video Medicine: What to do when you're not a 'priority' — Susan Winter (May 2021).