Fracture care

A fracture is the total or partial rupture of a bone. It can be produced by a fall, strong blows or the violent contraction of a muscle. There are two types: closed, in which the bone breaks and the skin remains intact, and those in which the wound is open and the fractured bone moves outward. People with osteoporosis have a higher risk of suffering a fracture, although they also become frequent in children and the elderly because their bone composition is more fragile. Read More

Attention to burns after a fire

If after a fire there are injured by burning, they should be given prompt attention, because if this problem worsens the consequences for the patient could be even fatal. According to the degree of the burn is the attention that should be given to the victim. Here are some recommendations to deal with the different types: Read More

Attention to serious burns

Burns are caused by heat (such as fire), damp heat (such as hot liquids and steam), chemicals, electricity, UV radiation (such as sun and snow), friction, radiation, and hot objects. Among these, thermal burns are the most common and can be the result of contact with household appliances such as hot iron, stove, oven and flammable chemicals, such as insecticides. Read More

Treating a sprain makes it necessary to evaluate the injury

What is a sprain? A sprain occurs when the ligaments are injured when stretched too much. Ligaments are the elastic bands responsible for keeping the joints in place. The sprain injury varies if it is a small tear or a complete ligament fracture. Pain intensity is often an indicator of the severity of the injury. However, personal care is often sufficient for minor cases. Read More

First aid kit

It is important to ensure that the body stays healthy and be alert to the detection of possible diseases. But, you must also do the same with the first aid kit. The ideal frequency is to check your medicine cabinet every three months. Enough time to verify if some of the essential supplies are still in condition and if the medications have not expired. Read More

Cancer affects US firefighters

Cancer should be included in the list of diseases linked to the attacks of September 11, 2001 and be subject to a state economic incentive, demanded firefighters and members of the United States Congress in New York. Read More

How to stock your first aid kit

Importance of the complete first aid kit The use of first aid equipment is practiced universally. However, only few adequately realize the importance of stocking their first aid kit. This will ensure quick access to the medications and supplies needed to treat a medical condition. Read More

Eat induced to save lives

When a pathology or brain injury occurs, which may cause an increase in intracranial pressure, the application of induced coma is recommended. Through this mechanism, the patient is sedated to reduce their oxygen and energy consumption, with the purpose of putting the brain to "sleep". Read More

How to deal with a broken bone

Fractures are breaks in the bones that require immediate medical attention, regardless of whether the fracture is as thin as a hairline or the bone is completely broken. Read More

Driving drunk causes serious accidents

For the fourth consecutive year, the third Sunday of November, which this year will be on November 21, 2010, will commemorate the World Day of Traffic Victims. The technical secretary of the National Council for the Prevention of Accidents (CONAPRA), Arturo Cervantes Trejo, emphasized the urgency of promoting road awareness among the population to avoid accidents. Read More

Know the most diverse types of bandages

Bandages are procedures made with strips of canvas or other materials, in order to wrap an injured limb or other parts of the human body. They are used mainly in wounds, hemorrhages, fractures, sprains, dislocations, fixation of dressings, splints and support joints. To make a bandage there are different rules: Read More

Tips for treating burns at home

Burns are one of the most common types of injuries that occur in the home. It can vary from minor to severe burns, which could be fatal. Therefore, it is important to arm yourself with knowledge on how to treat different types of burns. Types of burns Read More

Advice to act in case of tropical storms

Tropical Storm Arlene made landfall this June 30 at dawn on the coasts of Veracruz; With this, a large part of the national territory will be affected by constant rains. According to José Luis Luege, head of the National Water Commission (CONAGUA), the influence of this meteorological phenomenon will be more emphatic in two states of the Republic: Veracruz and Tamaulipas. Read More

Learn how to treat puncture wounds

It is characterized by an opening of the skin caused by any sharp object. In addition to the exposure of the skin to the wound, there is a danger of infection, germs and dirt. Therefore, it is important to provide immediate medical attention for this type of injury. Cleaning the wounds Cleaning the wound is one of the first things that needs to be done. Use water to wash the wound. If there are foreign particles that remain inside the skin, you can use a sterile forceps to remove them. Read More

Sports where sprains are frequent

According to Dr. Laura Ots, specialist in Sports Medicine of Valencia (Spain), bioregulatory medicine, which includes active ingredients of natural origin, allows "to improve the recovery of sprains and a return to work or training much earlier , shortening the days of sick leave or sports ". Read More

Donate gives a life expectancy

This September 26 is celebrated in Mexico the National Day of Organ Donation and Transplantation, which seeks to promote the donation of organs and tissues to more than 12 thousand patients who need a transplant. Read More

Where there are bones, fractures can occur

Bones are the structure of our body. Thanks to the 206 bones that make us up (approximately 300 when we are born), we can move in different ways and know that our internal organs are well protected. Therefore, it is important to take care of them and to know that there are different ways to suffer a fracture, which is nothing other than the breaking of a bone. It is common for fractures to occur due to car accidents, falls or sports injuries. Read More