Attention to burns after a fire

If after a fire there are injured by burning, they should be given prompt attention, because if this problem worsens the consequences for the patient could be even fatal.

According to the degree of the burn is the attention that should be given to the victim. Here are some recommendations to deal with the different types:

If the burns are superficial and do not form blisters, it can be said that they are first grade . The attention in these cases, to reduce the damage, is to put the burned part in cold water and if possible with ice. This to prevent skin tissues from deteriorating further. In case the pain continues, it is necessary to take some analgesic and go to the doctor.

When there are blisters, it is burns of second grade . Something very important in these cases is to keep these pustules intact in order to avoid infections, because as long as the skin covers the burned part, the microorganisms are isolated; When this barrier is broken, the door remains open for the wound to become infected.

In case the blisters have burst, it is necessary, with clean hands, to carefully wash the area with clean and cold water (boiled, preferably) and go immediately to the doctor. If not, sterilize a little Vaseline heating it until it boils, after letting it cool it is smeared on a sterile gauze and the burn is covered with it. It is important to go to the doctor as soon as possible and not smear any type of fats, herbs, animal excrement, coffee, etc., on the burn, to avoid infections.


Third degree burns

If there are signs of infection such as pus, bad smell, fever, or inflammation of the lymph nodes of the neck, you should put warm water with salt (one teaspoon per liter) three times a day. Boil the water and rag before using it and wash your hands. Carefully remove skin and dead flesh, dried blood, pus, and any other dirt. An antibiotic ointment can be used whenever a doctor recommends it.

If they are deeper, they destroy the skin and leave the live flesh underneath or they comprise a lot of surface of the skin, that is they are very extensive, it is a burn of third degree . These require immediate medical attention because the person's life is in danger. Meanwhile, wrap the burn with a very clean cloth, soaked with serum (can be prepared homemade: ½ tablespoon of salt, plus ½ of bicarbonate in a liter of water), you must also provide analgesics to relieve pain.

If the joints are burned, it is necessary to keep them separated with sterile petroleum jelly and gauze so that they do not heal.

Periodically it is necessary to clean and cure burns.

These are only some tips, but in case of suffering burns in a fire, it is best to go to the doctor so that this one of an accurate diagnosis and its respective treatment. Let's spare no efforts for our health and that of our loved ones.

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