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Blood donations stopped by storms in the United States

The heavy storms that have paralyzed much of the United States have caused the regular flow of blood donations to stop, according to the American Red Cross. The organization has made a national call to donors, in response to the wave of storms that are predicted for next week and that begin to hit some states of the United States. Read More

Enrique Morente dies from esophageal cancer

Enrique Morente Cotelo died due to complications due to a surgical intervention in the gastrointestinal tract, at the Clinic of La Luz in Madrid, Spain; However, there are contradictions about the state of health that led him to the operating room. Read More

Unlikely that volcanic ash causes risks

The WHO warned of possible health risks, due to the eruption of the volcano in Iceland last April, but states that the ejected ash particles still remain high in the atmosphere, so that people in Europe should not worry at the moment .. Read More

The Queen of the Pacific goes through cosmetic surgery

Sara Ávila Beltrán, better known as "The Queen of the Pacific", performed two cosmetic surgery operations at the same jail center where she carries out her sentence, publishes the newspaper Publímetro. The director of the Santa Martha penitentiary, Sara Leticia Morales Cartagena, has been dismissed for providing Ávila Beltrán with the aesthetic operation of the nose and liposuction within the immediate vicinity. Read More

Laboratory of high security and diseases in Mexico

The Biosafety level 3 laboratory will allow timely detection of emerging diseases or by intentional release. This team is similar to that of developed nations. In three weeks the first stage of its operation will begin and in September the sampling routine will start. Read More

Mexico sets its stance on childhood obesity

The General Guidelines for the Expenditure or Distribution of Food and Beverages in the School Consumption Establishments of the Basic Education Centers include the requirements for industrialized foods to promote the concept of good nutrition among schoolchildren. Read More