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Universal access and human rights against AIDS

World AIDS Day is celebrated on December 1st in more than 190 countries each year, with the purpose of raising money, increasing awareness, fighting against prejudice and improving education, according to data from the AVERT organization. Read More

Encouraging result of new gel to prevent HIV

Guatemala, Sep 6 10 (CIMAC / Cerigua) .- A first test among women between 18 and 40 years of age on the effectiveness of a new vaginal gel that could reduce the spread of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), achieved a effectiveness of 39%. Read More

New HIV cases drop by 19% in the decade

Cases of AIDS infection maintained a global decline during 2009. An estimated 2.6 million individuals contracted the virus, representing a fifth of what was contemplated in 1999, according to the UNAIDS annual report. AIDS has claimed the lives of approximately 30 million people since it appeared in the human race, at the beginning of the 1980s. Read More

Tell it, yes or no?

"The test was positive ..." So far in 2016 in Mexico, 9 thousand 257 people had to face this diagnosis and what it entails; example, tell the couple that they have HIV / AIDS. What opens a panorama of uncertainty, fear and pain, because, how to tell your partner that you have HIV / AIDS. Read More

Vienna Declaration on drug use

After extensive research on the impact of the "war on drugs" in the world, the international scientific community calls for recognition of the limitations and harms of the criminalization of drug use, which has resulted in an increase in the number of people carriers of HIV / AIDS. Read More

Injectable drugs spread HIV / AIDS infection

The main route of transmission of the human immunodeficiency virus in our country is through sexual relations and until a few years ago, the cases associated with injecting drug users were relatively few. However, the number has been increasing and by the year 2003 it already represented 1.5% of cases at the national level according to data from the National Council against Addictions. Read More

International Condom Day is celebrated in Veracruz

AIDS HEALTHCARE FOUNDATION AC, the largest provider of comprehensive HIV health services in the world, has chosen Veracruz as the venue for the International Day of Condom in recognition of the work carried out by the Multisectorial Group and the Universidad Veracruzana in the fight against Read More

Groups with HIV / AIDS in Mexico

In the last 25 years, a total of 40,214 cases diagnosed with HIV have been reported in young people between 15 and 29 years old, according to statistics from the National Registry of AIDS Cases in Mexico (CENSIDA). These figures are segmented by gender, where 80% of cases diagnosed with HIV are suffered by men and 20% by women. Read More

1. Charlie Sheen

There are several celebrities with HIV who have expressed it very discreetly and other famous people with HIV who, despite their situation, lead a normal life thanks to the treatments they have undergone. Read More

Children's books against HIV

A recent report by the BBC chain of London, published that the measures taken by the government of Uganda to deal with the high rates of HIV infection have resulted and has lowered more than 20% the rate of infected, thanks in part, to its pragmatic book campaign. Infections have decreased by 25% in recent years, due to the publication of books that present stories about AIDS for children. Read More

Monkeys are born with a protective gene against AIDS

Scientists found a specific gene for some macaques that could be used to create a vaccine against the simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV), and help develop one that is effective against HIV in humans, suggests a study published in the journal Scienc Read More

Five thousand people die every day from HIV in the world

Mexico City, July 20 10 (CIMAC) .- While the governments of the world do not undertake drastic actions to reduce the high incidence of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV / AIDS), considered the first cause of death of women of reproductive age, "We will not be able to reverse the pandemic", which causes the death of five thousand people every day. Read More

Mexico continues fight vs AIDS

Mexico has satisfactorily met its goals on prevention, care and control of HIV-AIDS, because 78% of patients receive antiretroviral treatment; In addition, the mortality rate is 4.2 annual deaths per 100 thousand people, from 15 to 49 years. Read More

Mexico participates in the high-level meeting on HIV / AIDS

In order to improve and make more effective the response to the HIV / AIDS epidemic, it is essential that all countries have sustainable mechanisms to offer antiretroviral treatment to anyone with a medical indication that is timely, sustainable and free of charge. for the patient, said the Secretary of Health, José Ángel Córdova Villalobos. Read More

AIDS in Mexico is contracted sexually

According to data from the National Council for the Prevention of Accidents and the National Program for the Prevention and Control of Accidents 2001-2006, the following data on HIV-AIDS in Mexico are shown: -The HIV-AIDS epidemic in Mexico has an origin predominantly sexual. This form of transmission has been responsible for almost 90% of the accumulated cases of this syndrome in our country. Read More