Bacteria detonate necrotising fasciitis

The Necrotizing fasciitis is an infection in the tissues of the body detonated by a bacterium that is in the water, infiltrates the open wounds and destroys little by little the skin and the muscles .

This microorganism called aeromonas hydrophila, which causes Necrotizing fasciitis , is found in most environments with potable or brackish water, according to information published in CCN .

The bacterium sometimes it is swallowed by swimmers, which causes stomach or intestinal problems, such as vomiting Y diarrhea ; However, the seriousness of the infection gastrointestinal disease depends on the ability of your immune system to fight against it, according to the Mayo Clinic , from the United States.

The following video explains the case of Aimee Copeland , a 24-year-old American student, who is struggling to survive in a Augusta hospital after contracting this type of bacterium during a zip line adventure:

Due to the Necrotizing fasciitis , Copeland already lost a leg and part of his abdomen, and could now lose his fingers.

The National Foundation of Necrotizing Fasciitis in the United States ensures that the bacteria reproduces quickly and is easily hidden in the body's immune system.

However, if the Necrotizing fasciitis is detected in time only the skin or the affected fat; but, if the infection is detected later, amputation may be necessary to stop the spread of the bacterium .

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, for its acronym in English) estimated that in the United States each year there are 10 thousand cases of streptococcus group A, a group of bacteria that includes Necrotizing fasciitis . Approximately 20% of cases of Necrotizing fasciitis they are deadly

Video Medicine: Bacteria detona la fascitis necrotizante - Salud y Educación (July 2020).