Driving drunk causes serious accidents

Driving drunk causes serious accidents

For the fourth consecutive year, the third Sunday of November, which this year will be November 21, 2010, will commemorate the World Day of Traffic Victims . The technical secretary of the National Council for the Prevention of Accidents (CONAPRA ), Arturo Cervantes Trejo , emphasized the urgency of promoting road awareness among the population to avoid accident.

We all have relatives, friends or acquaintances who have suffered some lost due car accidents , even we ourselves have been victims of these absences or, worse, of some mishap. In Mexico, every year there are thousands of deaths related to traffic accidents, mostly due to human errors and in many of these cases under the influence of alcohol .

That is why in at least 130 municipalities in the country, programs of alcoholmetry to detect drivers in drunk state , in conjunction with other measures such as increased penalties for alcohol consumption, monitoring the use of infant car seats and seat belt , the authorities consider that the goal of 50% reduction in the number of accidents vials in less than the 10 years established as a term. which would reduce the incidence of death by up to 50% compared to previous years.

The Secretary of CONAPRA insisted on the urgent need to raise awareness among drivers of not driving in drunk state , since it is a serious risk. In Guadalajara, one in three vehicles, one in five in the Federal District, 15% in Monterrey and 17% in León are driven Thursday, Friday and Saturday by people with some degree of blood alcohol .

The costs

Only the Federal District traffic accidents cost between one thousand and one thousand 500 million of annual pesos in health services. At a national level they have a global cost of 126 billion pesos.

Cervantes Trejo added that from 2007 to date, around 80 million pesos have been invested for the acquisition of 350 teams from the program alcoholmetry for the 32 federal entities.

He explained that in 230 municipalities of the country more than 80% of the road deaths , in 130 of them more than 65% of the dead occur and of those 130, only 60 have an alcoholmetry program.

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