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4 habits that you can not miss!

Learn about 4 healthy habits in children and discover how Sesame Street promotes healthy habits in children. Discover the secret formula to encourage healthy habits in children. Read More

5 games to enjoy with your children

A few years ago, most of the fun games for children were the street and included physical activities and, above all, a lot of imagination; However, today things have changed due to factors such as technology, because video games, for example, are one of the main ways to entertain. As parents, we usually limit ourselves to just providing these new forms of play, but rarely do we consider forming, ourselves, part of the game. And it is not about playing video games with them, but rather to encourage all kinds of activities to stimulate their senses, their physical or mental development. Therefore, at GetQoralHealth.com we propose 5 activities o Read More

Identify these factors so that you enjoy the courses!

Discover how to choose the most suitable courses for children and support them in their development. How to choose the most suitable courses for children? Know the factors that you should not overlook. What are the summer courses for? Find out and know the most important factors. Read More

Immersion, the key to achieve it

How to learn a language in childhood? An AMCO specialist explains the best way to teach a language to children. Discover how to learn a language in childhood. How to learn a language in childhood? Immersion is the key. Read More

Learning to read modifies the brain

Reading, in addition to being one more stage in student life, is a phenomenon that represents an important impact on genetic evolution. When you learn how to read the impact to the brain is very important, because they adapt and use regions of the brain destined to other functions. Read More

Emotional intelligence, key in leadership

Discover how to make children leaders. Self-esteem is key if you do not know how to make leading children. An Amco specialist tells you how to make leading children and stimulate their emotional intelligence. Read More

Key points

Discover how to choose the best school for your children and impel them in their development. A specialist gives you some tips to choose the best school for your children. How to choose the best school for your children? Follow these tips. Read More

Sport vs depression and isolation

The children "calladitos and sentaditos look prettier", is a very used phrase; However, when it serves as a justification for your children to spend long hours in front of the television or video games, it could be causing severe health problems from childhood. One of these alterations is childhood obesity, which has tripled in the last 15 years, due to the change in eating habits and lack of physical activity. On average, children watch 22 to 25 hours a week of television. In preschool children, the figure doubles to an average of 54 hours per week, which represents seven to eight hours a day. In general, they spend more time in front of the Read More

Diet influences the IQ of minors

Diet high in sugars and fats in the first years of life could affect the development of children's IQ. We studied 14 thousand children born between 1991 and 1992, with the objective of carrying out a long-term follow-up of the health and well-being of the participants, so that the parents completed questionnaires about the type of food and drink their children consumed. , at 3, 4, 7 and 8 and a half years. Read More

Drawing is much more than a game

If you want to see a happy boy or girl, give him a blank piece of paper and lots of crayons. In addition to being a good solution when they are very restless and we are away from home, drawing is the best antidote against boredom and one of the favorite activities of children. Read More

Visual impairment and school dropout

According to figures from the National Council to Prevent Discrimination (Conapred), only 2 out of every 100 children with a disability attend school, the rest stay at home or go to the multiple service centers of the SEP (Secretariat of Public Education ) that serves people with disabilities. Read More

Have fun and stimulate creativity

How to stimulate creativity? The "Drawing Smiles" contest helps you stimulate your creativity while learning to take care of your oral health. Participate in the contest that ADM coordinates to take care of your oral health and stimulate your creativity. Read More

Exercise elevates school performance in children

Physical activity is associated with better academic performance, as measured by the increase in averages and better scores on standardized tests, according to several studies conducted by researchers at the VU University in the Netherlands. Read More

The risk of toys and batteries

Each year, the number of children who die or suffer injuries due to the manufacture of some electronic toys increases. They are the small ones between 3 and 12 years old, the most prone to suffer an accident. Read More

Brain training favors patients with ADHD

Also, it is called cognitive training and is done to increase the functionality and processes of the brain. Through training, different exercises are carried out to increase oral comprehension, reading, writing, visual and auditory skills. Apart from the improvement of brain processes, it could also be considered as cognitive therapy. Read More

Mental training for dyslexia

According to the Departments of Health and Human Services of the United States, 15 to 20% of students have dyslexia. It takes a while before parents recognize that their children are really suffering from serious problems, which delays proper treatment. The good news is that parents can consider brain training to help children deal with these problems. Read More

Free equine therapy for children with disabilities in Ecatepec

A group of 12 children and adolescents with disabilities, is the first to receive free equinoterapias with Freddy, Miller, Lengüitas y Niños, four horses "retired" from the Mounted Police of Ecatepec, which will now help to stimulate the neurological system of girls and children in the Equine Therapy Center installed in the Bicentennial Didactic Farm. Read More

As the mother tongue ...

How to learn a language? Various specialists say that education must start from childhood. Learning a language from children is simpler than in adulthood. Read More