Children do not lie ...

It is said colloquially that the luck of the ugly, the beautiful wants it, but ... it is not always like that. Even, many times the little "graceful" appearance makes you less trustworthy before others.

Not in vain, the attractive people they have better jobs and achieve their goals faster than those that are considered ugly or do not procure their image. Although it seems incredible and a possible myth, this is supported by a study published in Frontiers in Psychology .

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Children do not lie ...

During the investigation, the scientists asked the children to choose the person who transmitted the most trust ; the funny thing is that they chose those who had a "pretty" face.

One of the main reasons is that the areas of brain (amid it) that are responsible for generating reliability judgments, especially in the face, respond better to a more symmetrical face, which for many is synonymous with beauty.

But this disadvantage of the ugly not only is it reflected in children, it is also experienced in adults ... Just think how you act when someone who is not graceful or dirty comes near ... maybe you walk away or just take care of your belongings, without forgetting the fear that the closeness of that person generates you .

A clear example of this is the experiment conducted by the Unicef ​​in Spain , called: what would you do if you see a 6-year-old girl alone in the street? The reaction of the people that appear in the video will make you surprised and discover to what extent it influences you to be ugly or "pretty".

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Although the study ensures that everything is due to the relationship between brain and the facial features, you always have to live with the person before creating some anticipated trial .

See beyond the appearance not only enrich as a person, but you can bring pleasant surprises that you will treasure all your life. Now you think that The uglier, are you less reliable or the opposite?


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