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8 indications of sexual awakening

Sexual curiosity is part of the development of a boy and girl. From small begin to play with different parts of your body and the genitals are not the exception. As we grow, this curiosity expands and the demonstrations are usually more evident. In fact it has been seen that males have erections since they are in the womb. Read More

Early pregnancy and emotional sequelae

According to the National Population Council (CONAPO), in Mexico, one out of every six births in the country occurs in women under 19 years of age. Pregnancy among girls and adolescents is considered, from the medical and social point of view, as a situation of risk to the health and personal development of the mother, son and partner. Read More

Pregnancy in adolescents can be prevented

According to the report "A General Look at Children in Mexico along its Northern Border", prepared by the Network for the Rights of Children in Mexico, in our country the number of adolescent pregnancies is concentrated in 6 entities of the northern border: Baja California Sonora Chihuahua Coahuila Nuevo León Tamaulipas The document indicates that 7% of girls between 15 and 17 years of age in that border region have given birth to a live baby, in contrast to 6% Nacional level. It is a complex issue with many reasons to worry and that can be solved if we trust in education and awareness of the different preventive channels. In general, younger Read More

Menarche can be overtaken by overweight in pubescents

Do you remember how was your first menstruation? For millions of young women, the first bleeding is usually an unpleasant experience, if not a traumatic one. From the social, psychological and gynecological point of view it represents the most important event of female puberty and the sign that they have stopped being girls to become women, with all that that implies. Read More

Women prefer anal and oral sex

Sometimes, some young people who feel the need to preserve their virginity until marriage, fall into the contradiction of performing other types of sexual practices that do not buy Read More

Greater risks in minors when presenting precocious puberty

One of the first signs of precocious puberty is the excessive increase in height in addition to the axillary odor of the adult person and the appearance of pubic hair in both sexes. Precocious puberty is considered when in girls there is breast growth before 8 years and in children, testicular growth before 9 years. Read More

Global problem

The number of unwanted pregnancies among adolescents in the world grows every year in regions such as Latin America and the Caribbean. The unwanted pregnancies in adolescents in the world are headed by Mexico. The unwanted pregnancies in adolescents in the world also affects developed countries. Read More

Precocious sex starts in schools

In terms of sexuality, adolescents are very advanced, more than public institutions, health authorities, the same researchers in sexuality and, of course, their parents imagine; explains Mexican psychologist Gabriela Rodríguez. Coauthor, along with José Aguilar Gil, from the book "Connect: sexuality for adolescents", Rodríguez points out that the bombardment of information that young people receive is very broad, as well as the way in which they manage their sexuality. An example is that, nowadays, there are more girls that link sexual relations with pleasure. According Aguilar Gil, "before almost all linked with love, with a" serious "relati Read More

Three areas of action in the sexual-affective development

It deals with all the affective relationships that the subject can establish, in which he becomes aware of his own sexual identity without there being sexual relations in the sense of genitality. To cover all the points involved in this process, three important areas of action must be taken into account: 1) The maturation of sexual experiences. Read More

Bacterial vaginosis is the most frequent infection

Nowadays, vaginal infections are one of the main causes of consultation among the female population, because they affect women of any age, regardless of whether they have an active sex life or not. Therefore, it is considered the most common health problem of the female sex. Read More