What is oral cancer?

In recent years, the cases of oral cancer in young boys , from 25 to 35 years, have increased. This disease was more common in mens older than 40 years .

Carlos Calva López , spokesperson for the Mexican Dental Association (ADM) , warns that this proliferation is due to the fact that young boys they start at an early age the consumption of alcohol Y tobacco .


It is known that the consumption of alcohol It is one of the main factors of risk of the oral cancer and the combination with cigar increases the risk . Currently it is observed that adolescents begin to do this mixture , so they are in danger ", He emphasizes Calva Lopez .


What is oral cancer?

The oral cancer regularly refers to a increase excessive and change in the cells . This alteration manifests itself in a bulge , mainly in lips superior and inferior, language , cheeks as well as in the back of the throat Y tonsils .


In accordance with British Dental Health Foundation , many cases are diagnosed in stage 4, when it is too late. Whether detects to weather , the chances of surviving cancer is nine out of ten cases.

It has different signals alert with which you can see the development of the Oral cancer . This may start with one or more of the following symptoms:


  1. Sores or ulcer in the lips, gums or in the cavity of the mouth, which takes more than 15 days to heal
  2. Bulge inside the cheek that can be felt when touching it with the tongue
  3. Stains white or red in the gum, tongue or part of the mouth
  4. Numbness in some area of ​​the mouth
  5. Lost of some sensation
  6. Difficulty for chew or swallow food properly
  7. Pain sudden, without justification or cause in the mouth
  8. Change of voice

The spokesperson of the ADM explains that if any of these problems are detected and it takes more than 15 days to heal or heal, it is convenient to go with the dentist for an exact assessment .


What helps prevent the Cancer is to keep your mouth healthy. This can be achieved at check it every day to detect any disturbance ; go with the dentist every six months, as well as the brushed adequate ", stresses Calva Lopez .

To these recommendations is added the avoid the tobacco and excessive consumption of alcohol , especially remember that this strong mixture can predispose you to oral cancer . Beware!

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