Sin without guilt ...

Mexica cuisine is recognized, worldwide, for its excellent flavor, but also for occupying food that does not favor health at all; example, the Butter. However, its most frequent substitute (margarine) is also not free of harmful agents.


Margarine predominates fatty acids mono and polyunsaturated, more cardio-healthy and low in cholesterol, but the problem is that in the process hydrogenation to which it is subjected generates fatty acids trans, whose effects are harmful to health. Even the World Health Organization Prohibits food containing more than 2% of these acids.


Sin without guilt ...

A study of Harvard University in the United States, states that those who habitually consume partially hydrogenated fats, with acids trans, they are almost twice as likely to suffer heart attack.

However, this does not mean that you can not enjoy the traditional recipes of our country. Therefore, the chefs María Elena Lugo and Many Muñoz, from the Vida y Hogar program of Cadena Tres you present the following video a delicious recipe.


Donuts with light butter

100 grams of fruit puree (it is according to the taste of each person)

75 grams of sugar substitute

1 egg

2 buds

2 tablespoons of baking powder

250 grams of flour



Fruit purees provide volume and flavor instead of butter. Apple puree, date purée, prunes or figs are just a few examples of nutritious and fibrous low-fat substitutes from the Butter.

Remember that cooking is an art that is based on creativity and flavors. Try it and take care of your health!