Pulsed light to increase the bust

A new treatment that employs Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) , developed by the Canadian company Medicam Ikyt , can helpincrease the bust without any side effects, so it would be an option to avoid reaching the risky surgeries , according to information from dailymail.co.uk

A specific wavelength of the To be (to activate the glands and increase the bust), activates the sympathetic nerve and strengthens the blood pressure of the capillaries in the sinuses, which allows estrogen to secrete and the microcirculation to accelerate.

In this way, it increases the thickness of the connective tissue and stimulates breast cells for its development, so it drives a totally natural process.

In this sense, according to the portal revistadecirugiaestetica.com, this treatment can be used in three ways:

1. Firming effect. The pulsed light reinforces the fibers of collagen that help lift and affirm the breast tissue .

2. Breast augmentation. The wave deeply activates the mammary glands at the hormonal level, so that the volume of the breast grows. It is possible to increase up to two sizes.

In this regard, Dr. Sister, specialist in charge of applying the treatment at the Notting Hill Clinic, the results are not immediate, you need two treatments per month for three months before seeing the difference.

So far, the only side effects that have been observed are tingling during the first weeks, due to the reactivation of the nerve , and firmness towards the end of the treatment, which indicates the development of new tissue .

However, due to the fact that the effects of this treatment are not fully studied in the long run, caution is recommended for the time being because an accelerated increase in estrogen can lead to breast cancer .