A new beginning…

Everything is over, even love. And although for many it is a difficult time to overcome, for others, divorce could be the "essential" feature that increases their attractiveness, as suggested by a study of the University of Lausanne


The people who initiate the divorce process, unlike the couple that receives the news, are perceived with greater attractiveness and qualities; example, economic potential, personality skills and educational level. Therefore, their opportunities to establish a stable relationship after separation are higher, "he says. Linda Charvoz, leader of the study.


A new beginning…

In the last census of National Institute of Statistic and Geography, 99 thousand 509 divorces were registered; that is to say, this figure is increasing since of each 100 marriages 4 are separated.

However, for women this can be an advantage. Here we give you 3 ways in which your attractiveness increases.

1. They already know more about the game of seduction. They know what they want in a partner. They have also discovered their beauty and qualities, and consider that they deserve the best.

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