Characteristics of anorexia

This disease is caused by psychological or physiological reasons usually points to the fact that the person may not be able to cope properly and maintain a good eating habit.

It is believed that anorexia is the effect of stressors that surround a person. The disorder may very well be the very cause of a psychological manifestation.

Anorexia is a chronic disease that manifests itself in other forms such as weight loss, weakness and altered mental status caused by the additional pressure of discomfort.


Psychological inclination

It is very difficult to define the psychological progression of the disease process; it is the interaction of different factors, the triggers, events and the influence on the global panorama of the person, as well as the strategies used to combat it.

The therapeutic process of anorexia nervosa revolves in the stages of well-being, among others is anger and negotiation.


The components

The go to It can be probably one of the first reactions to stressors and intensifies the emotional fixation of the individual to psychological pressures. During this stage, the person develops an active attitude to try to address the burden and stress, but usually does not work due to lack of understanding.

The negotiation It occurs when the person succumbs to a passive state, usually after exhausting resources and strength to devise ways to express anger. At that time, he is vulnerable and begins to reorient the mechanisms to face the need to eat.

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