When reaching this age it is more difficult to maintain our ideal weight (not impossible), because the metabolism becomes slow and decreases the production of certain hormones that favor the burning of fat.

If you have already reached the "third floor", do not throw in the towel and follow these simple habits, with which you will achieve a free belly of "llantitas" ...



If you want to shape your silhouette, the first thing you have to leave behind are the unveiled ones. According to researchers at the University of Chicago, United States, sleep eight hours a day stimulates fat burning, because the sleep keeps under control the levels of ghrelin, hormone that regulates appetite.


Food vs insulin increase

In addition to eating a balanced diet, include in your diet foods that help control the percentage of insulin in the blood, because when it rises, promotes the accumulation of fat in the body. Eat fish, apple, whole grain, nuts, oats, beans, avocado, among others.



If you do not like going to the gym, try going for a walk or doing simple routines at home. The case is that you keep your body active and, of course, give the abdominals a special place in your training.

According to researchers from the University of Queensland, Australia, sedentary lifestyle is one of the main risk factors in women over thirty years of cardiovascular disease.


Vitamin C

Researchers from the State University of Arizona, United States, recommend eating foods rich in this vitamin, it favors the digestion of fats, preventing them from accumulating.



At least a liter and a half a day, this way you will purify your body and eliminate everything that your body does not need.



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